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Getting started

Customer experience mapping

Follow your customers (or users) journey to uncover value points and points of friction. This is service can be used to streamline business processes and/or inform wireframe creation.

Project discovery

Uncover key requirements and establish the high level feasibility of a concept or business idea.



A well thought out charter is the foundation of a successful software project. We blend our experience with your objectives to give the project the best possible start.


Using knowledge gained on past projects we help you to define the boundaries of your project to ensure the project is delivered successfully and without unnecessary cost.


Specification writing involves creating a technical definition what is required to meet the charter’s objective within the boundaries of scope. We apply use our professional know how to ensure the specification covers all parts of your software.

Software architecture

Using knowledge of best practices and the specification we design a plan for your software that ensures the most important requirements and that quality objectives will be satisfied.


User Interface wireframe creation

Use knowledge about human computer interaction to create interfaces for software that are intuitive and easy to learn.

Mockup Design

Applying a design sensibility to wireframes to polish interfaces that match for the style of program being built.

Software Development

iOS (iPhone/iPad) / Android Apps

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets allow your users to have computing power in their pocket.

Windows / Mac / Linux Development

We use Electron to efficiently write software that will work on Macs, Windows and Linux computers.

Kiosk development

We have experience creating touch screen kiosk solution.

Internet of Things Development

Using Arduino we can quickly create IoT projects to create bespoke equipment. For example, we can talk to a GPS satellite, a thermostat, an infrared remote, a distance sensor and more.


Continuous unit testing

Using technologies such as Jest we write software that tests small parts of program to ensure that when changes are made the software keeps working as expected. This speeds up development and ensures requirements are met.

Automated Integration testing

As a project gets larger it becomes important to efficiently test the system as a whole (c.f. continuous unit testing). We can write code to test an entire system as a person would. This reduces the cost of development and ensures the quality standards are kept.

User testing research

By involving users throughout the development process we can ensure their are no surprises at the time of handover. We can assist with planning and execution of studies. We also work with partners that can assist with market research and focus group studies.


Serverless Infrastructure

We have considerable experience deploying to Amazon web services. We can provide expertise on how to best create a scalable and reliable solution whilst ensuring you get value for money.


We are also familiar with traditional deployments such as to Linux servers.

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