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Continuous unit testing

Using technologies such as Jest we write software that tests small parts of program to ensure that when changes are made the software keeps working as expected. This speeds up development and ensures requirements are met.

Automated Integration testing

As a project gets larger it becomes important to efficiently test the system as a whole (c.f. continuous unit testing). We can write code to test an entire system as a person would. This reduces the cost of development and ensures the quality standards are kept.

Usabily testing  /  research

By involving users throughout the development process we can ensure their are no surprises at the time of handover. We can assist with planning and execution of studies. We also work with partners that can assist with market research and focus group studies.

Other Services

Software auditing

Where we have not built a solution we are able to provide an independent analysis of a software project or part thereof to ensure to ensure it is well built, meets the requirements and/or is likely to finish on time.

Project turnaround services

When a project is no longer achieving objectives we can analyse the state of the project and provide technical management services to help get the project back on track. This service is often needed when a development team is located offshore and thus hard to manage or the team was too ambitious with the project goals.

Dedicated developers

Do you temporarily require skilled up developers fast? We are able to provide highly skilled developers in all areas described on this page to help you finish a project. These developers can come into your office or continue to work from our offices as your needs require.

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